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Creative Change Coaching

Creative changes, combined with holistic coaching techniques are specifically designed to reflect the innovative approach taken in supporting our clients. Our belief is that we need to grow and experience Creative Change in order to move forward for a positive future. The creative change approach is underpinned by a philosophy which supports a powerful facilitation, to engage you in the process of change using steps that reflect your own principles and values.

One to One Coaching: The coaching relationship empowers you the client to identify, and set realistic and achievable goals, or, specific changes in your life/career. The sessions are structured to examine the details of change/goals and create a route to success, fulfilment and desired outcomes.  

We work with individuals within business or on a private basis to offer support though personal change, reach goals and gain freedom.    

Coaching and Team Development 

We work with clients offering support from management to front line and shop floor operations raising awareness and developing strategies to reduce and manage stress in the workplace.

Motivational Workshops: We offer motivational workshops as part of corporate, development, or agency away days. These workshops can run as day/evening/weekend/residential events from brief introduction to full on team challenges.  When people experience the power of motivational action and gain an understanding of the amazing benefits to health, well-being and professional performance they are wanting to access more!

We design bespoke workshop itineraries to meet all event requirements.

Team Building/Working/Coaching: A functional team/workforce is the foundation of any organisation. Most organisations actually have the resources available to them to operate effectively, although there is often opportunity for improved functioning.

We will work with team/s to align them with the organisations core values and vision and to promote effective communication, motivation and commitment to the growth and success of the organisation.

Project Development: Most organisations acknowledge that change is a normal part of its growth and development. Innovation and enterprise is often an important aspect in their success that sometimes requires a new strategic approach in order to meet new needs or markets.

We work collaboratively with managers and team/s to develop a creative approach to change, and development. We will support your managers and team/s to consider the need for change in innovative ways that are realistically achievable and time structured. Embedding the organisational principles, values and vision will be integral to this approach.  

Stress Management/Work-Life Balance: Stress can be one of the most debilitating experiences that we or organisations can experience.  Unmanaged it can interfere with your work performance, relationships, social life and physical mental/health, and this is by no means a definitive list. Organisations also experience issues within the workplace that impact on the 'health & well-being' of the business. Lost time due to absenteeism or poor staff retention can be a major issue alone.  The functioning and reputation of your organisation is your success and will have taken many years to develop.


(Individual): Individual sessions start from £75.00 per session. However, we can offer concessions for 6 sessions and will be dependent on your needs.

While 1-1 sessions are in person, we are able to extend this service to clients outside of the immediate area, or overseas, and able to work on-line, or over the phone. Skype/Video call is also an option. Please call to discuss you requirements, or arrange a complimentary 30 minute session.

Single Telephone/On-Line Coaching Session @ £75.00

4 x Telephone/On-Line Coaching Sessions @ £275.00

6 x Telephone/On-Line Coaching Sessions @ £390.00

Organisational Charges - Full day training from £850.00 for in-house delivery or £475.00 for half day training (in-house).

External venues and residential options can also be provided at extra cost. Travel and accommodation expenses may also be applicable, although this would be discussed and agreed prior to any work being carried out. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

Please note that this option is for businesses and organisations only.




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Creative Coaching - Unlock your potential!

Creative Change combined with holistic coaching techniques have been specifically designed to reflect the innovaitve approach in supporting our clients. 

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